You’ll Understand This If You’re Antisocial

There are many reasons why some people tend to be more antisocial than others. In this modern times, it's mainly because there are so many amusing contents for only one person. Okay, it's also because people can be tough. Okay, fine, idiots! There's nothing wrong with avoiding those idiots. Some quality alone time always sounds nice. If you're an antisocial millennial, you probably will understand the following list. 

#1 You're regretting the decision to leave the house

-"Hey, wanna hang out tonight?" -"Can't... I have pla-" -"Don't you tell me you have plans. We never hang out anymore!" -"Ugh, fine! I'll meet you there." Is this the way your every convo ends? If so, you're definitely antisocial. You prefer to stay at home with your pets, wine, and Netflix. It's okay to be alone sometimes, but you can't avoid the world for the rest of your life.

#2 Oh-oh, The Guests Are Here!

Those of you who are not living alone will understand. Hiding in your room when your mom, dad, sibling, or anyone else has company over is kinda MANDATORY. You'll avoid annoying questions like: "How's life" or "When will you get married and move out". On a plus side, you might look like a really nice person; you know, by giving them privacy and not listening to their conversation.

#3 Looking Forward To It... NOT!

From time to time you'll make plans; you'll like some of them, and some not so much. I can't tell you the number of how many times I felt relief after someone canceled on me. Being antisocial justifies that. -"Sorry, I can't make it tonight..." -"You know, I was really looking forward to it..." -"Please don't be mad." -"Oh, that's okay, we'll hang out tomorrow or something." (having a party in my mind celebrating the fact I'm not leaving home)

#4 My Phone Is My Best Friend

A best friend is someone who's always there when you need them. You know, like hiding from acquaintances. Does this scenario sound familiar: You're walking down the street and you see a friend of a friend of a friend. OMG, how to avoid the annoying small talk? I know: I'll just pretend I'm texting. Or better yet: I'll pretend I'm texting while listening to music. Yeah, phone and headphones to the rescue!

#5 The Eternal Question!

The eternal question is: Is it me, or is it the world? Why are people so annoying? Am I that critical? Oh, sometimes you feel like everything's wrong with the people surrounding you. They talk too much, they pray, they are genuinely annoying for no apparent reason... It can't be the whole world, can it? People will always be hard, but you need to learn how to deal with it. Maybe your way of understanding is silence, or ignoring them? Give it a try and see what works out for you.

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You’ll Understand This If You’re Antisocial

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