You Need These Items To Channel Your Inner Unicorn

Currently, we're living in the unicorn era where half of the stores are selling EVERYTHING unicorn-themed. No, we're not complaining at all! These unicorn-inspired items are pretty amazing. You will find anything you could think of: clothing items, decorations, home goodies etc. What are you waiting for? There's a credit card burning a hole in your pocket, waiting to be swiped. 

#1 The Unicorn Water Bottle

It's summer and you know what that means? Yup, staying hydrated should be your #1 priority. You will be hella thirsty after the whole day of being a unicorn. Seriously, don't forget to drink plenty of water. I find it useful to have one of these water bottles lying around; it somehow makes you drink more fluids.

#2 The Unicorn Floatie

The summer of 2017 is all about floaties. Hamburger, flamingo, popsicle, doughnut AND unicorn. You know what, summer of 2017 is ALL ABOUT UNICORNS! The only way you will be trendy on the beach or pool is if you carry this unicorn floatie with you. No, it's not for kids; it's for cool adults who want to be noticed from outer space!

#3 The Unicorn Pillow

Would you look at that: it's a unicorn pillow with an actual 3D horn or alicorn. To question the comfort of it would be ridiculous. This is purely for a decorative cause; you know, to stop and stare at this cuteness! Channel your inner mythical creature with a bed full of fluffy unicorn pillows.

#4 The Unicorn Headphones

What kind of music do unicorns listen to? Something magical? Nope, they'll listen to anything as long as these unicorn headphones are in their long, white ears. Do you want to listen to unicorn sounds? Buy these adorable headphones and you will. It looks so cool when you got two little unicorn heads coming out of your ears!

#5 The Unicorn Cake

Well, it's not something you can buy and put on display to keep forever and ever. This unicorn cake will last about 2.5 seconds because it's that good; everyone wants a slice! You bet it's super hard to bake it; you gotta be an expert. But, hey, beauty takes time. This would be the happiest choice for any magical party, or it will turn the party into something magical.

#6 The Unicorn Mug

What do unicorns drink now the Unicorn Frapp is not available at Starbucks? Probably some fancy coffee, since they're that millennial. Whether you love your coffee to be modern AF or prefer a classic black (like your soul) you NEED this mug. It's important to put a smile on your face once you wake up, and this unicorn mug is the best mood booster.

#7 The Unicorn Socks

The unicorn franchise has it all: coffee mugs, T-shirts, handbags, and even socks! Now you can be dressed as a unicorn from head to toe. Seriously, these are some adorable fantasy socks that NEED to be visible. Hmm, guess this is the only acceptable reason to wear socks & sandals. The only problem is: would guys wear 'em?

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You Need These Items To Channel Your Inner Unicorn

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