Weird Baby Names Only Celebrities Can Think Of

You can always count on celebrities to make you laugh when it comes to naming their babies. What happened to "James" or "Lilly"? No, every celebrity baby has to have a weird name! Don't they think of their future? I know it's a crazy world, but it's not that crazy. Can you imagine an 80-year-old woman named Blue Ivy? In fact, I can, but that's not the point. The point is, being called Apple or Otter won't sound as cute as they're old AF. Keep reading if you want to see what kind of weird names celebs gave their kids. 

Jamie Oliver's baby

Jamie Oliver's got five kids and all of them have unusual names. The newest addition to the family is a baby boy named River Rocket. I have no idea where Oliver gets those baby names, but I gotta admit: he's hella creative. Let's hope this baby boy will grow up to love rivers and rockets. Otherwise, it would be such an irony.

Kim Kardashian's kids

Kim's got two kids with Kanye: a boy and a girl. Yall probably know their names by now, because it was such a "scandal" when they leaked out. The lovely girl is named North, so when you call it by her full name it's North West. Really? The baby boy Kim delivered in 2015 is called Saint. So, Saint North? Now those are some weird baby names.

Zooey Deschanel baby

Wow, Zooey really likes sea otters, because her daughter's called Elsie Otter. Zooey confirmed these adorable animals were an inspiration to give this baby name. Take a moment and say it fast a few times. It does sound like "sea otter". This might be traumatizing for a kid to be named after an animal, but, hey, at least it's not after a bug or something, right?

Gwyneth Paltrow's kid

Apple. Not pear, not strawberry. Apple. Gwyneth Paltrow gave her daughter a name after a fruit. Why not kiwi or tomato? Seriously, these celebs are sometimes a bit too much. I agree it's a simple name, but still. An apple? It's definitely an organic one. LOL! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'd understand if she was inspired by the great work of Sir Isaac Newton, but Gwyneth said the name sounded "wholesome" and "clean". O-okay...

Ginger Spice's kid

Bluebell Madonna. Ginger spice sure loves bluebells and Madonna. What an homage to this legendary singer. I can't get past the fact this name sounds so artificial, like a clothing like or something similar to that. What do you expect to call this kid? Madonna? Blue? Nope, Beyonce's got that covered. How about Belly? Oh God no! This is a clear example when a parent makes their kid's life tougher.

Frank Zappa's kids

It's a crazy house over here. Frank Zappa's got some of the weirdest baby names. There's Moon Unit (like the people who landed on the moon?), Dweezil (don't ask!), and Diva Muffin (sounds like a drag queen's name!). Zappa must have been high to name his kids like this. I can't imagine the childhood they all had. Poor little Dweezil. Poor Diva Muffin! I'm sorry, Moon Unit...

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Weird Baby Names Only Celebrities Can Think Of

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