Top Cat Profiles To Follow On Instagram

Oh, cats! It's almost impossible to describe these fascinating creatures. They can be cute, angry, lazy, hyperactive, and loveable at the same time. They must be from out of this world! If you've ever owned a cat you know how amusing is to live with them. Owners from all around the world have found Instagram to be the best place to share their cat's daily adventures. While there are a lot of adorable kitties, only a handful of them is Instagram's best. Here they are!

Sam Has Eyebrows

Sam has eyebrows. What Sam also has are 233k followers on Instagram. This New York-based feline is an avid tuna lover and a cat model. Check out his Insta account for the latest snaps! And yes, those are his real eyebrows. No, his owner didn't draw them with a sharpie!

Snoopy Babe

Snoopy is an exotic shorthair cat, born and raised in China where he's an online superstar. Snoopy is HUGE on China's Twitter, Weibo, but Instagram likes him too! He's got 361k followers thanks to his adorable Insta photos. Visit him online because his owner puts him in super adorable costumes all the time!

Grumpy Cat

The world's famous Grumpy Cat is still very popular and very cool. Grumpy's real name is Tardar Sauce and she's got the grumpy look since she was born. Tardar has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, but everyone outside this social media knows about her. Permanent grumpy face? We have no problems with that!

Nala Cat

If you thought Grumpy Cat is famous, wait until you see Nala. She's Instagram's most popular feline with 3.4 million followers. Nala was adopted from the shelter when she was 5 months old. Now, she's a six-year-old Siamese-Tabby mix that couldn't be any cuter. Warning: if you check her Instagram account you might fall in love.

Sir Winston Smushface

Australia's rising star, Sir Winston Smushface is one of those tomcats whose Insta account can't be ignored. He's got almost 25k followers on Instagram thanks to his adorable smushy face. Sir Winston loves to sit upright and, as you may notice, his tongue is out all the time. What a cute, derpy face to follow today!

Hamilton the Hipster

Hamilton is a true gentleman with his curled white mustaches. This hipster kitty is a shelter rescue with 748k followers on Instagram. Wow, that's almost one million people who find Hamilton one of the cutest kitties online! Hurry up and check him out; every photo is to die for!

Lil' Bub

Lil Bub's unique appearance has made her a celebrity cat with 1.6 million followers on Instagram. This adorable face was once the runt of her litter, hence the unusual look. Even though Lil Bub has a genetic mutation, that hasn't stopped her from being one awesome kitty cat! She is truly small but mighty.

Pudge the Cat

Pudge is your average kitty who loves chasing mice and food. Wait, hold on! Pudge is in no way an ordinary cat! She has a mustache better than yours and 675k followers to confirm that! Pudge is one gorgeous cat whose adventures you NEED to check right now; you'll be glad you listened to me!

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Top Cat Profiles To Follow On Instagram

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