Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations You Never Thought Of

Every newlywed couple dreams of having a beautiful getaway from all those pre-marital stress. Of course, you want the perfect honeymoon. Luckily, our dear Mother Earth has so many beautiful places to visit. Break the pattern, go do something fun; traveling off the beaten path can be the best decision of your life.

#1 Islamorada, Florida

For those of you who want a Caribbean getaway, but can't afford it right now because let's be honest, it's super expensive, there's Islamorada. Pale-blue water? Check! Warm white sand? Check! Romantic dinners under the stars? Yup, check! Everything you need for the best honeymoon is here. Islamorada is an undiscovered pearl. Why travel all the way to the Bahamas when you can have the same vacation in the States. Okay, not exactly the same. Let's say this choice is a quieter one.

#2 Tanzania

Who would ever remember Tanzania for their honeymoon? Once you hear what it has to offer you're going to see it's a pretty cool choice. Picture this: you're surrounded by nature, there are giraffes strolling past you, and your camera just can't stop snapping photos. In Tanzania, you can get a full Safari experience in one of the world's oldest game reserves- Serengeti. Go on a bumpy ride or enjoy some hot springs; Tanzania has so many wonderful possibilities. Even the clubbing scene is not bad. Worth a try, isn't it?

#3 Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the centre where two continents and different civilisations meet to create one admirable city. There are a few things you can't forget when visiting Istanbul. First of, it's a historic city with plenty of monuments and old buildings that have a rich background. Second, it's an amazing place to go shopping! Third, Istanbul at night is one of the most romantic cities. Dinner overlooking Bosphorus? Don't mind if I do! A romantic cruise on the Golden Horn? Yes, please! Istanbul can appear to be a bit too much, but it will soon become the city you can't get enough of.

#4 Udaipur, India

Busy markets, colorful streets, magical lakes... Udaipur is a place to be if you're seeking a true adventure. Although the city is a vivid one where you sometimes can't hear your own thoughts, there's something serene about it. Udaipur is a quite spiritual place, so if you want to learn about other religions and cultures, you're more than welcome. Why is it good for your honeymoon? Think of as a venture you two are having for the first time as a married couple. It will be fast, but you'll manage to find a relaxing spot.

#5 Provence, France

Provence almost sounds like "romance". The similarity isn't an accident; this is a romantic part of France. When someone mentions Provence I'm thinking of lavender fields, picnics in the fields, bike rides, warm summer nights... Provence has so much to offer! Whether you're tasting wine or strolling by those fragrant lavender fields, Provence is such a lovely honeymoon choice. It's the place where you can relax and enjoy your love.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations You Never Thought Of

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