Top Dogs Profiles To Follow On Instagram

If I have to find one reason to justify Instagram's existence, it has to be the animal profiles there. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, raccoons and so many other animals have become Insta celebrities. Dogs of Instagram are a special category. Their cuteness and awesomeness can't be measured by any scale. If you need your dose of pooches every day on your feed, keep on reading. 

#1 Doug The Pug

New York's coolest pug has almost 3 million followers on Instagram. Why is that? Because this awesome pug is your regular millennial. He loves wine, pizza, great music and partying hard. He calls himself The King of Pop Culture. I'd rephrase that into The King of Pug Culture!

#2 Tuna Melts My Heart

I'ts Phteven! Nope, it's Tuna, the adorable Chihuahua-Daschund mix. Tuna's adorable quirky smile and his adventures are one of the reasons why Insta dogs are trending right now. He has almost 2 million followers and it's a crowd that's growing every day. Visit his profile for a daily dose of overbite and laughs!

#3 Samson The Dood

He's the Goldendoodle who will melt your heart! Samson has over 160k followers and a good chance to become Instagram's cutest pooch. When he looks at you with those adorable puppy dog eyes, you can't help yourself; falling in love is inevitable. Check out Samson's Instagram account because his owner knows how to make high-quality photos.

#4 Marnie The Dog

Marnie is a 15-year-old Shi Tzu with a looong tongue. She was 11 when her owner rescued her from the shelter and helped her to become what she is today: a celebrity senior pooch. Marnie loves going for walkies in the morning and partying like a star at night. She's the living proof rescue dogs can be something special.

#5 Manny The Frenchie

Being the most famous Frenchie in the world is a hard job and Manny knows it the best. It requires a lot of bacon eating, napping and talking. How do you think Manny got his 1 million followers? Manny's always on the road, and when he's not napping in the sink, he's teaching us the art of happiness!

#6 Corgnelius & Stumphrey

The dynamic duo, Corgnelius & Stumphrey, are Instagram's most famous corgis. They are two crazy corgi clowns running around West L.A. and stealing hearts. When they're not behaving mischevious, these two fluffy butts love to nap...everywhere! Seriously, check their Instagram; it's full of napping photos.

#7 Maru The Shiba Inu

Oh, Maru, that adorable Shiba Inu with a smile that never fades. No wonder he's one of the A-list dog celebs of Instagram; he's got 2.6 million followers! This lovely pooch lives in Japan with his pawrents where he has the time of his life. Maru's even got a meme! He was popular even before Instagram was so mainstream.

#8 Sir Charles Barkley

Sir Charles Barkley started small and now here he is: Instagram dog celebrity with almost half a million followers. His mommy and daddy made his Insta profile to share photos with friends and family. One thing led to another, and Charles is now a cool, fashionista Frenchie who's incredibly photogenic.

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Top Dogs Profiles To Follow On Instagram

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