Tips & Tricks You Could Really Use While Cooking

Are you an amateur or you're a pro at cooking? Nevermind, I'm sure all of you can learn a thing or two. No one knows everything, right? That's right! Here we have some nifty cooking tricks and tips everyone could benefit from. Just sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a round of: "Oh, I never knew that"! 

#1 Frozen Desserts


Summer is the perfect time for cold beverages and, of course, cold desserts. The most popular choice all across the world is our dear ice cream. Sure you can buy this yummy treat on every corner, but it's much tastier if you make it from scratch. Step in: bananas! Did you know frozen bananas can be a terrific base for almost every frozen dessert? If you want to make your own ice cream freeze a few 'nanas, mash them, and add anything you like to your dessert; caramel, cookies, chocolate, berries... Let your imagination do the trick.

#2 The Perfectly Boiled Eggs

Eggs are a staple part of any breakfast, whether they're boiled, scrambled or cooked sunny side up. Those of you who love to have a perfectly boiled and peeled egg know the struggle; sometimes the egg is just too fresh and won't peel the right way. Here's a tip: use week old eggs. You can boil them the way you want, and the peeling won't be stressful. If you must use fresh eggs, add salt to the water while they're cooking. Also, a spoon will come in handy when you need to peel those fresh eggs. Just crack one of the egg's end and use a spoon to peel from the inside.

#3 The Coldest Drink

Guys, and some girls, here me out: no one likes a watered-down drink, especially if it's not meant to be watered. You don't add ice cubes to your beer, do you? Well,, even if you do, there's a quick solution to stop that travesty. Add a plastic cup full of ice cubes to your beer pitcher. It will help to cool it faster, and your drink will stay intacted. Work also with sangria, lemonade, cocktail, etc.

#4 Mmm...Steak...

Sorry vegetarians, vegans, and all you herbivores, this trick is for those who LOVE meat. When frying meat, the best thing to do is to season it right (duh!) and sear it. Searing the meat means letting the meat get that even caramelized skin all over. It helps build the flavor. Then, after you cook it the way you want to, let it rest. You'll be tempted to cut into that juicy piece of meat right away, but DON'T. If you let it sit, there won't be any blood when you cut it, and the texture and the taste would be amazing.

#5 The Cheesey Trick

Raise your hand if you love cheese. Okay, okay, calm down! I know everyone loves it. That why y'all cook so many different meals with this divine food. When using cheese in your meal, especially if it's a final touch, make sure you add the cheese at the end. It will prevent the cheese to become a rock-hard crust, and it will remain ooey gooey.

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Tips & Tricks You Could Really Use While Cooking

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