These Historical Facts Will Make You Wonder

You may or may not like what history has to offer, but you can't deny one thing: there are some fun facts about our past for everyone. History's not just numbers, important people, and events; it's a way of understanding life! So, if you want to find out which emperor was attacked by a fierce beast, or what happened during the Medieval ages, stay with us!

#1 Napoleon and the Beasts

You know Napoleon, the great emperor of France, right? Well, the thing is he was attacked by some wild beasts once. Those furious beasts were... RABBITS! Can you imagine Napoleon running away from adorable little rabbits?

#2 The Crazy Sultan

Sultan Ibrahim I who ruled the Ottoman Empire back in 1640 was kinda, well... crazy! His mother was the one who dominated the rule. Ibrahim I was busy feeding his fish coins (not food) and chasing girls. Not only he was crazy, he was jealous too! When one of his concubines cheated on him, Ibrahim ordered the whole harem to be drowned in the Bosphorus. Yikes!

#3 Those Crazy Medieval Times

The Medieval age was one of the craziest periods of human history. I can write a whole new article about Medieval absurdities, but if I have to pick one it would be: trial by ordeal. If you were accused in the Medieval times, you had to stick your arm into a vat of boiling water. If your hand emerged undamaged, it was believed God protected you and your innocence. Yup, this was really the time God forgot about us.

#4 The Beaver

You know how Canada loves their beavers? Well, that love goes back centuries ago. Canadian women thought a potion made with beaver testicles was an effective contraception. Eew! The only thing this drink did is it kept the beaver population under control. The human one? Not so much...

#5 Those Crazy Soviet Scientists...

If you dig a little deeper, you'll find out that Soviet scientists had a bunch of crazy, sometimes insane projects. One of them was conducted by a Soviet biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. He attempted to create a humanzee. You understand how it works? The mommy was a chimp, but the experiment, luckily, failed, What were you thinking, Soviets?

#6 The Dark Beginnings

Everyone's beginning is hard, but for women in colonial America, it was especially hard. They DID NOT receive painkillers during the delivery and had to go through this process feeling EVERYTHING. It was considered a God's punishment for Eve's sin. Hmm, wonder who thought of this... Perhaps, MEN?! Oh, if only they could feel how it's like to give birth.

#7 The Poor Elephant

When the Allies bombed Berlin during WW2, there were, of course, casualties. One of them is especially dramatic: the very first bomb killed Berlin's only elephant in the Zoo. Oh, why do poor animals always have to suffer because of human's stupidity?

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These Historical Facts Will Make You Wonder

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