The Funniest Ashamed Pets Online

These animals will break your heart an make you laugh!

Life with pets is much richer and funnier than the one without them. Our beloved pets can make our day better. Sometimes, they can give us a hard time. A really, really hard time. Humans have been posting pet shaming photos online for a while now, and frankly, it doesn't get better than this. Prepare yourself for 10 hilarious guilty pets.


Cats are afraid of many things: vacuum cleaners, cucumbers, hair dryers... This kitty obviously had some problems with the hair dryer. Was it too hot, too cold, cord too short? Well, whatever it was, now it blows piss-scented hot air.


This poor bird just wanted to order something, no big deal. Looks like animals are taking over the world again. Hmm, what was his order? A new bird feeder? Maybe a fancy mirror to go with the new cage?


KFC is life! Now wonder this dog jumped into another car. Would it do the same if the person was eating a salad? NOPE! This doggo knows its priorities and doesn't care about what happened. A dog with chicken is a happy dog.


When you have two dogs in the same house, they must become partners in crime. These two paw friends did a terrible, terrible thing: one Bible book is gone. Shredded into tiny pieces. Hey, it's not their fault; dogs can't read. Jesus will forgive them for sure.


It's no secret: cats LOVE fish. This poor kitty has no live fishies, so fish-shaped crackers will have to do. It's quite a struggle to get to these goldfish crackers, take them upstairs, and finish the whole bag all by itself.


This dog has "I'm not ever sorry, bro" written on his face. Why? Because those Xmas lights gave him nightmares! Even though dogs are technically color blind, Comet found the flickering too annoying. There, problem solved. He's not even sorry for being on Santa's naughty list.


Now, there's a creative idea for Halloween! Are you tired of those stupid dog costumes you see at Target or Walmart? Good, because this dog has saved you the trouble. All you need to do is allow your dog to be bad and destroy a plushie. It's not that hard, is it?


Caught in the act! Cats, aka the destroyers, can't stand anything that gets more attention than they do. Just imagine how many avocado, coffee, basil, and other plants these rascals destroyed. Sorry to inform this cat lady, but the idea of a cage defense system is not bulletproof nor cat proof.


You gotta admit, this isn't very smart, but at least it's creative. So what if the cat can't catch a mouse or a lizard? Not all of us are natural born hunters. I'm really hoping the roadkill wasn't something big like a possum or a coon.


Now I've seen everything. I always thought chickens are not so problematic. They look cute, don't they? Well, don't let the look fool you. This bad chick loves to steal spaghetti. I guess it reminds her of worms or something.

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The Funniest Ashamed Pets Online

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