People Reveal the Cringy-est Things They’ve Done Because of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can really stop you from fully enjoying and living your life. It’s defined as “the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated, and, as a result, leads to avoidance”.

And although it’s a frustrating thing to have, it may also lead to some awkwardly hilarious situations. People on Reddit gathered and shared some of their stories about the weirdest things they’ve done because of their social anxiety. So get ready to cringe with empathy as we picked out some of the best stories.

This person faced the worst event possible: a party.

Driving to a party, sat outside of it in my car the entire time, left. Next day, said I was there.

You may be scared to go into parties, but you can use this plan

I have gotten out of my car, walked up to the house of the party, then walked back to my car...then walked back up to the house, then back to my car until I finally texted my friend at the party, asking him to come get me outside so I wouldn't have to walk in front of the crowd alone.

Now I’ll be thinking about this all day too

Talking to my boss after a long day of exams and assignments. I go to leave and she catches the door before I can leave to say goodbye. For some reason my wired brain made me give her fingerguns and say "zoop" as I walked away. Thought about it the whole way home.

This person was just distracted

Tried to remind myself what date it is, while at the bar counter.

Got my beer.

She said "Thank you"

I said "Sixteenth".

Bars may be more difficult for some people

Bartender asked me what my name was....I forgot and had to think about it.

Five stars for trying to pull this off

I farted right in front of my boss and I started snapping my fingers in attempt to make it look like it was not a loud ass fart

Edit: it was actually right in front of her face because she had knelt down behind me and I didn’t realize, so no way that I pulled it off. We never spoke of it.

That’s a lot of social anxiety

I get self conscious of the speed of my window wipers. I’m always comparing to other cars so I don’t look like I’m over doing it

This backup plan is golden

I was going leave my room to make dinner but then I heard my roommates and their friends talking outside. I didn't want to talk to them so I waited until they left and just bought take out instead.

Being a freshman in college can be difficult

Walked past my classroom but didn’t wanna look stupid doing a freshman 180 so I circled alllllll the way around the building, missed it again, and walked to some random restroom nearby and sat in the restroom for like 5 minutes because I didn’t want people to recognize me as the dude who keeps doing laps around the fuckin Chem lab building

This story is by far, the worst

The other day at my small office I went to the bathroom to fix my shirt which I had worn inside out. When I went into the stall the bathroom was empty. As I flipped my shirt around someone walked into the stall next to me. I also used some toilet paper to wipe my nose (slight cold) and dropped the paper in the bowl. This triggered the auto flush sensor and it flushed. My predicament began when I realized I also had to pee, but since I had already used TP and flushed my twisted mind decided this would seem really weird to the person next door. "Why would someone use the bathroom, flush... and then stand up and pee again?" said no one ever... But I couldn't, they might recognize my shoes and know who I was.

So instead I hatched a clever deception. I left the stall and washed my hands to seem normal, despite that I hadn't even used ths bathroom. After drying I walked loudly to the exit and opened the door into the hall, then I said "oh excuse me" like I had accidentally bumped into someone else coming in, and walked right back in. I made sure to change the sound of my footsteps walking more quietly so that stall-man would think I was a different person and not some freak playing bathroom charades. Then I went to the urinal and peed and then washed my hands again, using the farthest sink so he couldn't spot my shoes.

Even ordering a sandwich can be an ordeal for the socially anxious

I recently moved to a new city, and there's a Subway across the street from my complex. I decided to go there for dinner and wanted to get a footlong for that night and another one for tomorrow. Except I'm a big guy, they wouldn't believe I wouldn't eat them both in one sitting. So being the idiot I am I ordered one for me and had my phone out pretending to get an order from my "brother." Pretty sure they knew, pretty sure they judged, jokes on me though, I ate them both in one sitting anyways.

This person is truly relatable

Walked into a bar that was packed full of people who had all come home for Christmas to my small town. I knew everybody there. I walked in, walked through the crowd, right past my sister, and out the back door. When my sister and I saw each other, she looked at me, like, oh fuck. You're freaking out I bet. She knows all about my social anxiety. She knew exactly what I had just done, and she thought it was hilarious.

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People Reveal the Cringy-est Things They’ve Done Because of Social Anxiety

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