Life-Hacks That You Can Use on a Daily Basis


It seems nowadays that there are hacks for everything, until you try to find ways to improve your own routine. It’s easy to say, “Yeah, that’s a super cool life hack to peel a potato in 3 seconds!” However, how often do you really need to peel potatoes? So i’ve come up with a couple of life hacks that are actually able to be used on a daily or weekly basis, and that will make your overall life just a little bit easier to handle!


Now, before I start, some of these aren’t necessarily hacks, but they’re things that will indeed help you out where it is needed, sometimes in the areas where we need help the most. I know for me, getting ready in the morning and figuring out what to wear is a huge struggle. I also forget a lot of things on my way to work, only to come back home right after leaving, or having to take an early lunch to come home and grab something that I should have remembered to bring that morning. No matter what your hot-buttons in life are, I’m sure that anyone will be able to use at least one or two of these hacks in their everyday life!


Unclog your sink with ease

Have a clogged sink, and don’t feel like crawling under and taking it apart, or having to fish down the drain with your hands? Gross! Pour a half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into a clogged drain, it will begin to foam. Once it stops foaming, rinse down the sink and your drains will be clear! It’s a cheap and environmentally friendly solution to unclog your sink. I know I hate having to reach down into the sink and touch whatever food may be lurking in my sink… no thank you!! No hands required, please!


Easily reach everything in your fridge

Do you have a hard time reaching everything in your fridge? You reach in with one arm, and on the way out you seem to knock over every single thing in its path! TO alleviate this, go to the store and get a cheap lazy susan! This way, you can just spin the plate, and have access to everything that’s on it! It’s also perfect for kids who are more clumsy, and may not be able to reach back that far into the refrigerator.


A new way of styling outfits and planning them!

The Smart Closet is a fantastic way to plan your outfits and to plan what to wear. It also gets rid of the dreaded “When did I wear that last? I don’t want to wear it again if I just wore it last week!” type of thing. I recently converted to a minimalist lifestyle, so it gets confusing which outfits I wear on what day because I don’t have a lot of clothes to begin with. This way, I can wear the same pieces, but accessorize and decorate them differently so that they don’t look the same! It even lets you take a picture of your clothes so that you know what items pair together, and you can hand-select outfits in the palm of your hand! This isn’t really a hack, because you still have to spend time taking pictures of clothing, but in the long run, it’ll make your mornings easier.


Wake up when you’re supposed to!

Simply plug in your phone across the room from your bed when you go to sleep. You won’t be tempted to spend time on it before going to sleep, and you also will have to physically get up to turn your alarm off in the morning! This isn’t the most favorable option, but it’s the easiest if you need a way to get out of bed the first time your alarm goes off!


Dark undereye circles

Can’t get rid of dark circles under your eyes, no matter how many layers of concealer you put on? After moisturizing your face and before applying any makeup, put a thin layer of red or orange matte lipstick where the dark circles are. Red and orange work as color correctors for dark spots on the skin underneath makeup. This is just a cheap way to color correct without having to go out and buy any expensive kits!


Save yourself from leaky trash bags!

Don’t you hate it when you take the trash out and there’s a mysterious liquid dripping out of it? To alleviate this, find a newspaper lying around, and place a couple of folded sheets at the bottom of the trash bag. This way, if there are any liquids in the bag, the newspaper will be able to absorb a bit of it. Granted, if you dump an entire coffee in there, it won’t absorb it all, just a small bit.


Don’t spend a ton on produce

Do you just need a small amount of veggies, like a half of an onion, or half of a bell pepper? Instead of picking up an entire onion from the grocery store, go to the toppings section of your store’s salad bar and just pick the amount of veggies that you need! If you grab a little more than you need, throw them in an omelette!


Save Time During Your Mornings

There is always so much to do in the mornings before heading to school or work, that sometimes things tend to slip through the cracks. Try to take 10-15 minutes the night before and plan out everything that you can in order for you not to forget anything. Prepare your lunch the night before, pre-prepare your breakfast if you can (overnight oats, anyone?), and put your clothes set out ahead of time so that you can throw them on and go! This isn’t really a “hack” to use, but it’s just smart thinking to help you get organized, and then you get go to bed without worrying that you won’t have time for something the next morning, or that you’ll forget to do something the next day.

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Life-Hacks That You Can Use on a Daily Basis

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