Five Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Lady

You must be a proud crazy cat lady when you clicked on this article, or you're still training. Either way, welcome. We share your love towards cats and understand everything you do for your little purring angels. Sometimes, owning a cat is a tricky job, and you know it the best. We're really not into labeling, so don't take this "crazy cat lady" title the wrong way. This is the best way to e addicted to something. Cat ladies, or cat guys, keep on reading if you want to find out if you could use this proud name. 

Your voice changes when you talk to your cat

"Oh, Mr.Fluffypants you look so adorable in your new shirt. Yes, you do! Yes, you do!" Chances are, your cat has so many nicknames, it developed an identity crisis. What's his/her real name? Even YOU don't know it. When talking to your cats, your voice gets all squeaky like that annoying toy dogs chew on. Man, that's some high frequency. The most important part is: you're not even ashamed to use that voice in public.

Your wardrobe is inspired by cats

It's okay to have one or two T-shirts with cats on them, but having an entire wardrobe is way too much. If you have cat sweaters, leggings, shoes, T-shirts or dresses, congratulations: you've officially gone overboard. Your whole outfit screams "crazy cat lady". Those of you who can't afford the expensive cat merch can wear all black. The cat hair will stick on it like crazy and you'll never get it off. Mua ha ha ha!

Your cat eats premium food

Let's be honest: you'll spend a small fortune on your cat's diet. Premium food is the only acceptable thing for your fuzzy pal. If you're buying the softest wet food, crunchiest kibble, and the freshest fish, your cat is living like a lord! Oh, and don't forget to add those expensive treats! You're fine with eating leftovers. Your cat? Not so much. If you catch yourself buying a cookbook with recipes for your cat, you're doomed!

Your cat is your only friend

Picture this: it's Friday night and you're staying home. Lucky you, you're not alone! You have food, Netflix, and your cat. When they say dogs are human's best friends you snort because your kitty is your BFF. Together, you two make the best team. No one needs crowded clubs and noisy people when you can relax and cuddle with your feline. Next time someone asks you if you have plans for the weekend, you better mention your long-termed plan.

It's like you're made of rubber

Oh, the twists and twirls you'll do to move just to avoid waking up your cat! Raise your hand if you've spent a couple of hours sitting in a chair with the cat in your lap sleeping like there's no tomorrow. I know, it's a problem every cat owner has faced. God forbid we wake up its pawship, King Fuzz-a-lot! It's all a part of the life. Sure we may go through unbelievable tortures to reach the remote or phone, but it's worth listening to that purring sound.

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Five Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Lady

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