Brace Yourself- Fall Is Coming

Summer is dropping its lasts beats, which means it's almost time for one of the prettiest seasons: fall. Some of you may not like fall because of the murky weather and cold days. On the other hand, some people love the feeling of warm sweaters, rainy days, and hot drinks. Brace yourself, fall is close which means a lot of basic trends are going back in style. Will we survive another pumpkin spiced fall day? Hmm...

#1 The Best Latte Ever!

It's not fall if Starbucks hasn't released pumpkin spiced lattes. Those delicious, trendy drinks will overflow our streets this year too. Why is that so? First of all, pumpkin spice late is life! Haven't you tried it already? It's delicious! Aaand two, Starbucks cups are the staple part of any Instagram photo during the fall season.

#2 The Smell of Fall

Fall smells like crunchy leaves under your feet, rainy days spent next to a window with hot cocoa, new rubber boots and matching umbrella... Wait, whaaat?! Well, this is how they describe fall-scented candles, don't they? Can you imagine burning a new candle that says: smells like dead leaves and wet feet? This candle collecting trend is alive thanks to YouTube gurus and other bloggers. There's nothing bad with lighting a lovely candle, but the people in the business need to be more realistic with the descriptions.

#3 Ugly or Maybe Not?

You either love or hate flannels. There's no in-between. When fall kicks in, a certain population decides to wear all flannel. Sure these shirts can be cozy, but are they fashionable? The fashion industry has welcomed flannels back (once again). There's no particular hate on these shirts. It's just... They're not that interesting. Guys, girls, there are some more fashionable fall items for you to wear. Let's think outside the flannel box.

#4 What Is Too Much?

Is it fall already? Oh, I never noticed it! Your giant leaf wreath, pumpkins scattered all over the house, and other fall themed decorations told me nothing. Seriously, where's the line and when will you cross it? It's okay to decorate according to the theme, but enough is enough. You don't need FIFTEEN different centrepieces or that many "fall" signs. It's getting colder, which means it's time for you to cool down a bit.

#5 The Best of the Best

Picking out a pumpkin for Halloween season is an all-day activity. You have to find the roundest one, the orangest one (yes, that's a word), and the one that's just perfect. Does this convo sound familiar: - "No, that's too big and too round... Oh, look! This is the one!" - "Seriously? That's the same one you called ugly five minutes ago..." And what comes after visiting a pumpkin patch? A pumpkin carving party, of course!

#6 The Uggliest Shoes

As soon as the first leaf hits the ground, basic girls take out their Ugg boots outside the closets. What is it with these shoes that make them go mad? Yes, they are super comfy, but are they pretty? Well, that's questionable. For some people, these are the cutest boots ever made. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't think the same. Anyway, UGGs are a very much alive trend that will never die (apparently).

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Brace Yourself- Fall Is Coming

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