Best Home Remedies for That Winter Cold


Everyone has their own tips, tricks, and secrets to getting rid of the common cold that comes with winter weather. While no one wants to deal with these annoying colds, we all get it at some point or another. With so many symptoms that come with this common cold, I felt that it would be best to cover the basics, and also add in some remedies for specific symptoms as well. Feel free to try out as many as you need, and leave a comment on if any of them worked for you or not!


  • Theraflu (Any of the Flavors)

This stuff is amazing, tastes like tea, and can be found in the cold and flu section of your local drugstore or grocery store. There are also a few flavors that you can pick from, but they’re all delicious! Just mix the powder in with hot water, stir, and drink! These packets are perfect to bring to work or school for a pick-me-up if you’re not feeling the best, but can’t take a sick day.

  • Tea with apple cider vinegar, lemon, and cinnamon

I’ve seen this almost on every website when you search how to get rid of a cold. The mixture of the hot water on your throat, coupled with the burning of the citrus and spices are seen to help cure sore throats, and to help get rid of the bacteria that sometimes builds up in the back of your throat. I’ve done this before and if you spoonfeed yourself, it doesn’t taste as nasty as it sounds! It also made me feel instant relief on my sore throat when I had used it!

  • Whiskey (only if you’re 21+)!

Hey, some people say it works! There have even been some studies about hard liquor helping with sore throats… and who’s going to argue with science? So you may just want to take a trip to the liquor store and conduct an experiment for yourself. Only you can do your part and contribute to the scientific community, after all!

  • Soup

The savior of all sick remedies! Any kind of non-cream based soups are the best when you’re sick. My favorites include Lipton’s Noodle soup, as well as Miso soup from my favorite sushi restaurant, and Wonton soup! Can’t go wrong with sodium-filled broth with noodles, am I right??

  • Emergen-C

This stuff is amazing and comes in so many flavors! However, what I have done in the past is instead of filling a while water bottle up with it, mix it into like 5 ounces of water and drink it quickly. It’s the same amount of vitamin C, without having to force yourself to drink a ton of water that doesn’t taste good. Just drink it quickly, and then go back to drinking water and orange juice! Also, the Tangerine flavor is the best in my opinion! All of them pretty good and tolerable as far as medicine goes, but the tangerine almost tastes like orange juice!

  • Gargling salt water for sore throat

This is one of the oldest tricks in the books. But it’s worked for me before! Just take warm/hot water (just make sure not to make it too hot, it’s going in your mouth, after all), and add about a tablespoon of salt, and stir to dissolve. Once it’s dissolved, gargle it for about 10 seconds, and spit. Repeat as necessary a few times a day to help clean out the bacteria in the back of your throat and to help cure a sore throat.

  • Sleeping with humidifier and multiple pillows

My mother basically made me do this every single time I had even a stuffy nose while growing up. Vicks actually makes a really good humidifier that pumps hot steam into your room while you sleep at night. Thus, breaking down mucus while you sleep pretty little dreams. To add to this, put a little bit of VapoRub on your upper chest and under your nose to quickly clear up stuffy noses.

  • Benadryl/Nyquil

This will be your absolute savior to help you sleep whenever you have a cold. Benadryl is usually used for allergy symptoms, but I have also used it for cold symptoms as well, and it has worked about the same as anything else. Nyquil, however, is designed to be used when you have a cold, and targets those symptoms specifically. Nonetheless, they both are able to help you actually be able to sleep with a stuffy nose at night… or during the day… who cares? You’re sick, you’re allowed to sleep as much as you want!

  • Long hot showers

AKA the best thing in the world, especially if you have a cold or are sick in any way. My favorite thing to do is using an Avobath bath bomb from Lush in my baths during the winter when I’m not feeling well. It has lemongrass in it, so the smell of the citrus really cuts through mucus. When the scents of the lemongrass and the oils are added to the hot steam of the bath, it can unclog mucus, and can make you feel like you’re not dying a horrible death from this seasonal illness.

  • Sleep, sleep, and more sleep!

There’s nothing wrong with taking some time to sleep a little extra when you feel ill. Sleeping is your body’s way of trying to repair itself, and a lot of things can be cured or subsided with an hour long nap or so. Don’t be afraid to lay down for a bit, at least, even if you feel like you won’t be able to sleep. Let your body do its job, and take the opportunity to relax. If you stress yourself a lot while you’re sick, it’ll only just make it worse!


Like I said, this is a pretty minimal list… if you ask your grandmother, she might give you a thousand other things to try, but this is a pretty good place to start. Leave a comment with other tried and true remedies or anything that didn’t work for you!

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Best Home Remedies for That Winter Cold

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