Are You A Giant Failure In Life?

If you would like to feel good about yourself, please, don’t read this article. It’s made specifically for the self-deprecating losers.

And if you have a terrible suspicion that you may be a terrible waste of space on this beautiful planet, you may just be right. Below we have six signs that you just may be a giant and terrible failure in life.

The little kid-you would hate the present day-you with a burning passion

Think back to the time when you were just 10 years old. Where did you think you would be when you grew up to be the age you are now? Did you think you would be doing a whole lot better than you actually are? If the answer is yes, I have some bad news for you. You have failed. And the 10-year-old you would be incredibly disappointed in you. Ashamed to be you. Even knowing that you are what they become would make them wonder what are they doing with their life and where did they go wrong. Admit it, you’re thinking the same thing right now, aren’t you?

Your mother keeps telling everyone about the achievements of your siblings but she never seems to mention you

When people ask your mother how her children are, and what are they doing, she always talks how your brother Nick is on varsity, and how your sister Kelly is on the student council. However, she never mentions what you’re doing and what you’re up to. Because you’re not up to anything. Sometimes, when people ask her how many kids she has, she even says two. She only remembers Kelly and Nick. She completely forgets about you.

You keep buying anything and everything you want and putting it on a credit card

What are you doing? What are you hoping to achieve with this?! Things are not free! And you’re not likely to die at an early age. Which means you’ll have to pay off all of that at some point. Right now, you’re just racking up an insane amount of debt. Later you’re going to have to pay hundreds of dollars in interest each month. Stop failing yourself. Start only buying things that you actually have the money for. Close those Amazon tabs because you don’t have the money for another jacket! And you don’t have a high-paying job yet!

You keep finding crumbs in your bed

Do you like cockroaches? Or other types of bugs? Or mice even? I hope you do because they are going to end up being your only friends if you keep up this behavior. Having crumbs in your room is gross enough, let alone having them in your bed. Start eating at the table like a normal person! You’ll have more money to spend on things other than bug spray!

You still don’t know how to do your own laundry

Come on. You are being silly. There are instructions at the laundromat. There are instructions that come with your laundry machine. There are instructions online! Just learn them! It’s easy! And don’t forget not to mix colors with whites!

You have over 10,000 unread emails in your inbox

By the time you finish reading this post instead of your emails a few dozens more are going to pop up. Unsubscribe from all those services you no longer have a need to. Sure, it’s going to take some time, but think of the results after! And empty inbox and a peace of mind! Not to mention that you won’t have to suffer through all those unopened ones to find the one you really need when you’re in a hurry.

You are always on the internet

Spending 24/7 on social media like Facebook and Instagram is incredibly draining. If you keep looking at pictures of how great everyone is doing you’re only going to end up feeling worse. Besides, even though you don’t know what’s really going on in those people’s lives, you still have control of your own. So stop wasting away online, and start doing things that will lead you to post photos of how great you are doing.

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Are You A Giant Failure In Life?

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