7 tips to stick to a healthy routine

For some of us starting and sticking to a healthy routine looks very achievable yet really hard. Is it the laziness? Who knows? However, if you want to be healthy and look fit, then you have to give up a bunch of stuff that is holding you down and to start your new lifestyle. The starting process might be easy yet a lot of us will give up after a few days while not making it a big deal, well IT IS. Sorry to tell you the truth but instead of watching TV all day long get up and start your healthy routine. Here are some tips and tricks you may want to hear to keep you on track.

Be ready physically and mentally

If you want to start your healthy lifestyle, then the first thing you should do is to check if you are ready and you will accept your new fitness routine. Prepare yourself physically and mentally. If you think that you are really short on time then put your fitness time as an appointment and get to it. It will definitely help you release all the stress away!

Start slow, grow big

This is a common expression used in many things and it is true for your healthy routine too. You should always start slow with some easy exercises and grow bigger along the way. Start with something easy like taking a walk, and then exercising. It will definitely help your body to adapt to the routine.

Working-out buddies

We all have special friends in our lives, however, if you want to adapt to a new healthy routine then you will definitely need to grab your best buddy and work out together. People tend to stick to a fitness routine if their buddy is there to inspire and motivate them. So find someone that is willing to be your gym buddy, and get going.

You are what you eat

It may sound as a cliche but trust us, this is absolutely true! Control your calorie intake and you will definitely feel better and you will be motivated to stick to your new routine. Leave behind fast foods and soda drinks, live healthily and be happy!

Show up

One of the most important things to do is to show up. Go to the gym and you will see that by showing up you almost completed your job because you cannot go back home once you are there. You will feel more motivated to go on, therefore showing up somewhere is really important.

Recharge your memory stick

Leave your old memories behind, don’t overload yourself with the way you used to look before. Get away from your old pictures and start having new ones and start creating your new memories.

Don’t forget to have fun

One of the most important points. Don’t ever forget to have some fun for yourself, find your inner child again and be happy. Happiness holds the key to many doors.


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7 tips to stick to a healthy routine

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