5 types of pasta you can try at your home

Pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan

Pasta, this delicious dish that is very easy to make yet very yummy! If you have a busy life then a plate of pasta will definitely be your rescue for you and your family. To get pasta ready you need to use an adequate amount of water and put pasta to boil, stir gently and add a little bit of salt to keep them from sticking with one another. At the end remove them from heat and let them dry somewhere without rinsing with water.

Pasta con Pomodoro e Basilico

The easiest pasta to make, ever!
All you need is:
1 kg large red tomatoes;
40 ml extra virgin olive oil;
3 cloves of garlic;
Fresh basil leaves;
1 pack (500g) of Pasta;
Parmesan cheese;

Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the seeds, put the skillet on fire and put some olive oil along with the minced garlic cloves. Add the tomatoes and stir with a wooden spoon, add the basil and a pinch of salt. After cooking the sauce get it in the blender for another minute. Cook the pasta and mix with the sauce and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and voila!

Pasta in Mushroom Sauce

This is by far one of the best combinations ever. The ingredients you need are:
50 gr of mushrooms soaked in water;
1 chopped onion;
1 clove of garlic;
Chopped parsley;
30 ml white wine;
Salt & pepper.

Put garlic and onion to cook in a pan with olive oil, add the mushrooms and wine. After cooking enough add the salt and the pepper based on your taste, put the pasta to boil and after the pasta is cooked enough put the sauce below along with a little bit of the pasta water.

Mac n’ Cheese

One of the most preferred pasta by people and it is so easy to make. All you need is:
4 Tbsp of butter;
3 cups of milk;
¼ cup of flour;
Any type of cheese.
Salt and pepper to taste;

Put the macaroni to boiling, meanwhile, melt the butter in a low-temperature pan, add the flour and stir. After forming a paste add the milk and stir. Mix the cheddar cheese and add the salt and pepper. Add the macaroni in the same pan and stir until well combined with the sauce and add another type of cheese like parmesan for example. Let chill for five minutes and serve.

Pasta Salad

You can make this pasta salad in 20 minutes.

Fresh basil;
3 cloves of garlic;
¾ cup olive oil;
¼ cup fresh lemon juice;
Salt and pepper.
Farfalle pasta;
Cherry tomatoes;
Mozzarella balls.

Combine in the blender the fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and salt, pepper to taste. Continue blending until smooth. Put the farfalle pasta to boiling. Meanwhile, slice the cherry tomatoes in half. Drain the pasta and add the basil dressing removed from the blender, add the cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and the mozzarella balls.

Creamy spinach tortellini

All you need for this recipe is:

Cheese tortellini;
Cream cheese;
Baby spinach leaves;
Shredded cheese.

Cook the tortellini. Meanwhile, add the cream cheese and baby spinach to cook in a pan. Add the cooked tortellini and stir until combined with the sauce. Top it with the shredded cheese and your dinner is ready!

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5 types of pasta you can try at your home

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