20 Things You Need This Winter

There are certain things that you need to make it less sucky to deal with the bitter cold of winter. Not all of these will be required for every person; however, it’s a good guideline when you live in some of the coldest areas in the U.S.A., as I have. I’ve dealt with it full-force, and I will know pass my knowledge to you… So here is what I advise everyone to have to help make the winter months a little less painful:

  1. A Hat – there are tons of cute, affordable hats that can be worn with almost every outfit. Guys, there are beanies and ear warmers for you too, so you won’t get left out, I promise!


  1. Gloves- I recommend a pair that has the touchscreen-compatible fingers so that your hands don’t freeze while trying to send a simple text! Nothing is worse than having to take your gloves off, type “okay”, hit send, put your gloves back on, and then as you’re putting your phone back in your pocket, you get another text… Save yourself the cold and the trouble and just get a pair that you don’t have to take off until you get where you need to go!


  1. Theraflu – as soon as you start feeling a cold, or anything icky, coming on, use this! Just mix it in hot water, cozy up, and drink! It actually tastes pretty good, and is packed full of vitamins and other good stuff to kick out whatever nasty stuff is in your body!


  1. Heated blanket – Enough said. Keep warm in front of the TV, keep warm at work under your desk, keep warm everywhere.


  1. Fuzzy socks for lounging- preferably longer ones, so that your legs can benefit from the extra layers as well! Pick out some fun colors or patterns to spice up your “cozy day” outfit


  1. Thick wool socks for out in snow- because nothing is worse than shoveling snow and not being able to feel your toes… don’t let that be you!


  1. LL Bean’s 3-in-1 Jacket – Or Anything from LL Bean for that matter! I used to live in Maine… and that’s where LL Bean’s headquarters is located, so they know a thing or two about dealing with the cold. Everything that they make is durable, and will keep as warm as you can be. They also have a lifetime guarantee on basically everything that they made; so if in a year or two, your jacket starts to fall apart, feel free to give them a call and let them know! Maybe they still sell that jacket, or have a current one that’s very similar to it. My friend had one of their jackets for 7 years, and the inside lining started to come undone. So she called and was able to get a similar replacement…


  1. Mug for coffee/tea/hot chocolate/etc. – Something that’s always to have on hand! The best kind would be something that’s microwave safe, just in case you’re in a rush and don’t have time to make hot chocolate the right way… Also good for running errands during the holidays where it’s almost essential to bring coffee in order to deal with bad drivers, rude people in shopping malls, etc. (On another note… why does everyone all of a sudden suck at driving from Halloween until New Year’s Day??)


  1. Dog – for snuggling (This is obviously optional because not everyone has access to a dog and/or puppy. However, it’s never a bad idea to go to your local shelter and play with the animals! A lot of shelters encourage it in order to make the animals more comfortable with people. AKA, they’ll get adopted faster!)


  1. Shovel – don’t be caught in the middle of 2.5 feet of snow without a shovel… because that definitely didn’t happen to me… yes… yes it did happen to me. I was in college, it was not fun, and I ended up using a small garbage can to haul snow away from my car. Learn from my mistakes… please!!


  1. Hand and foot warmers, for on the go – You can keep them in your car, gym bag, etc., because once you bust one of these babies out, everyone’s going to want to hold it. So you better bring a backup just in case!


  1. Or just get a small space heater – for when you’re not on the go! My co-worker puts one underneath her desk to keep her legs and feet warm… AKA the smartest idea ever!


  1. A Humidifier – So that you don’t wake up with those gross crusty things in your nose and so that you can stop getting congested in your sleep, saving you from snoring, congestion, dry mouth, sore throat, etc. You’ll thank me later!


  1. Slippers – Because you need something to accessorize your socks, and sometimes fuzzy socks aren’t enough.


  1. Slow cooker – Because the best winter meals come out of a slow cooker! (Soup, anyone??)


  1. Slow Cooker Recipe Cookbook – for your new slow cooker from #15! Or go on Pinterest and print out a bunch of slow cooker recipes that sound good!


  1. A good all-purpose body lotion – Because your skin will get cracked and dry, especially your elbows and knees! Get a scent that you will enjoy cozying up with during the winter, and feel free to slather that on after your showers! I would recommend one, but everyone’s skin is different! Go to your nearest Lush and see what natural body lotions are right for your skin, as well as ways to rejuvenate the life of your skin!


  1. A face lotion – for the same reason above, but just for your face. Please don’t tell me you’re using body lotion on your face!


  1. Chapstick – I love the plain Chapstick brand, original Chapstick, nothing else gets my lips smoother, and it usually comes in sets of at least 2 tubes, so you can put one in your purse, and one in your car! Or just buy 20 like I do because I always lose them…


  1. A book/coloring book/etc. – or something to do on an unexpected (or expected) snowed-in day! Just make sure to also grab some colored pencils, as well as a sharpener!!

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20 Things You Need This Winter

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