20 Animals Waiting to Ring in 2018


Surprisingly enough, Grumpy Cat is not super excited that a New Year is on it’s way. While it seems far, we all know that as soon as the holidays end, it’ll be right there, and you’ll be stuck in your friend’s basement counting down to 2018 with a glass of champagne and stupid plastic glasses that cleverly display “2018” on them…


There’s always that saying that you should have your ducks in a row… and that’s especially true when going into a new year. It’s a new start for the things that you’ve wanted to do and for new goals to be met. However, most of my resolutions end up like that third duck… it’s in a row, but it’s not quite how it’s supposed to be.


You can tell that this is one of those cases where a woman and her reluctant husband were at the dollar store, when the wife stumbled on this hat. She probably picked it up, looked at her husband, and said “Honey, it’d look so good on little Scruffy!”  No… Scruffy is not amused, and you just wasted a dollar, Linda.


I am about 110% sure that these guys are only sporting this set of headgear because of the treat that is being held directly over the camera… Don’t get me wrong, these pups look dashing in their ensemble, but you can just tell that they are very focused on a particular object. Coincidence? I think not!


This poor guy seems like he was the victim of 1 of 2 things:

  1. He had one drink too many, and none of his little doggy friends were able to get him into bed…


2) He’s just tired, it’s 10:30pm on New Year’s Eve, and no one has the heart to wake him up until it’s about 11:58, then he can quickly celebrate, and then head back to sleep until morning.



“Oh, Cheryl! Is that you? I didn’t recognize you for a moment… oh me? Yes, I did get my hair done, thank you for asking! I went to that paw-some place down the road from here to get it done in time for my New Year’s Eve party tonight! Oh… you didn’t get an invite… ummm.. Well you can come I guess..”




These guys look like they know how to party! They even invited the cat to join them, after all! It’s almost like those dogs from that poker picture made a reunion on New Year’s! Glad to see they’re doing okay. But now I have questions… who won the poker match?! Is the feud between cats and dogs finally over?! Who will win that arm wrestling match?!



This little guy looks genuinely excited to be ringing in the new year, and while looking dapper as ever! This is the kind of pup who probably has a bunch of goals and new projects to tackle when the new year comes around. Just look at that little smile, he can’t wait! Good for you, little pup, proud of you!

“Yes, hello! My name is Brian, and welcome to my home! We have champagne over here, and the hors d’oeuvres are over there next to the Christmas tree that we haven’t taken down yet… let me know if you need anything. Remember, have fun! *Upscale, rich dog laughter*



Doesn’t this little pug just look so happy to get his new gym membership this new years? He heard that his local gym was offering a discount for the new year and thought that the offer was too paw-some to pass up! Good for you, Mr. Puggo!



Although these little guys are a bit outdated (2013 glasses)… they still seem like they know how to have fun! I’m just surprised that they’re that still, especially for having three of them in one photo! I have two dogs, and I can’t even seem to get a photo of them individually, let alone getting both of them in one frame… forget about it!


Poor cat must either be really easy-going, and not have a car in the world about the contraption that’s on his head, or he has had some really good catnip to calm him down beforehand. Regardless, he’s read to ring in 2018!


This little guinea pig is just looking so extremely dapper in his new headgear. He’s also sporting the this year’s latest party horns. However, after midnight on New Year’s Eve, they’re going to be so last year…


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20 Animals Waiting to Ring in 2018

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