11 Cheap and Easy Beauty Hacks

Between hair and makeup, there are many ways to save time and get a polished look through shortcuts, without having to spend a fortune and an eternity in doing so. Especially since most beauty products today aren’t cheap nor convenient.

And the radiant beauty may not come naturally to each and every woman. Many spend a lot of time priming and polishing themselves in order to get that perfect look most are after. Although all women are beautiful in their own right, there are some women who always look like they spend a lot of their time on their beauty routine.

But that doesn’t mean that every woman spends hours in front of the mirror getting ready each morning. This list of 11 cheap and easy beauty hacks can help you look like you’ve been spending hours getting ready when in reality, you’ve only spent a few minutes. And not only do they work, they also make your life a thousand times easier, more efficient, and, most importantly, cheaper.

1. You can make your mascara last longer with eye drops

You need to know how to get the most out of your mascara, especially when those tiny tubes can contain a lot more than you think. You can easily refresh the dried-up mascara that you’ve been contemplating when to throw away by dropping four or five drops of a generic eye drop solution and then stirring it with your wand.

This way, you don’t have to buy a new mascara at least for a few more days!

2. You can get softer feet with Vaseline and a pair of socks

This is a trick that’s old but gold. For feet that are always smooth and soft, rub some Vaseline on them and put a pair of old socks that you will then sleep in. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you can easily go and get yourself a pedicure, while simultaneously feeling a lot less self-conscious!

3. You can make your lipstick last longer with powder

Are you also tired of applying your lipstick several times throughout the day because the darned thing won’t stay on after a single sip of water? Well, you can place a tissue over your lips after you put some lipstick on, and then lightly brush some loose powder over them. This way, your lipstick will not only last longer on your lips but also make your tube of lipstick last longer!

4. You can shave your legs with coconut oil

Most of you already have a bunch of coconut oil in your kitchen. And as basic as this hack may be, it helps a lot. You can now stop buying that useless shaving cream and start using this to lather up your skin before shaving. As an added plus, the shave will be a lot smoother.

5. You can use salt and water to get rid of pimples

No need to spend a small fortune on a branded face wash to get rid of any acne! You already may have some sea salt in your cupboards and use it! Mix a tablespoon of sea salt crystals with a few drops of water and mix it together until you get a paste. Apply this mixture to any pimples and leave it on between 30 minutes and two hours until it dries up.

6. You can use an old t-shirt to dry your hair

The material that most towels are made of tends to cause friction, and this, in turn, causes frizzy hair. However, t-shirts are made of cotton and are crazy absorbent and they won’t make your hair all frizzy! This way you won’t have to buy any anti-frizz oils or sprays!

7. You can use mascara as eyeliner

If you just ran out of all eyeliner and you’re in a hurry, you can dip your liner brush in your mascara. And then line your eyes as usual. This is especially useful if the mascara is in the same color as the eyeliner that you typically use. The mascara is going to wash off your eyelids just like it washes off your lashes.

8. You can make your own gel eyeliner

If you notice that throughout the day, your eyeliner smudges or rubs off, you can use some gel eyeliner in its place. Gel eyeliner is also a great way to make your eyes look smoldering. And, as an added benefit, it also lasts a lot longer than the traditional eyeliner pencils. However, they tend to be more expensive, so here’s an easy hack to make your own. Simply take a lighter and heat up the end of any eyeliner pencil. Just be careful not to set anything on fire.

9. You can use toilet seat covers instead of blotting paper

Rihanna’s Fenty line is as expensive as it is incredible. The blotting papers alone cost $16. But toilet seat covers are made from the same material. This means that you can blot away for free in most public restrooms!

10. You should apply concealer in a triangle shape

Those dark circles and bags under your eyes are much easier to conceal when you apply the concealer properly. Instead of drawing lines or dots following the shape of your eye, apply it in a triangle shape, pointing down towards your cheeks. This way you can cover up anything perfectly and get the look you’re after.

11. You can make your waves last longer if you flat-iron your braids

All women know that braided hair gives you incredible waves. Unfortunately, those waves don’t stay for a long time. If you want to make them last a lot longer, use your flat-iron on your hair after you braid it. Let your hair cool and then loosen the braids. This makes the waves last much longer.

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11 Cheap and Easy Beauty Hacks

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