10 things you need to know in life

Life is unpredictable and no one can prepare you for the things that are going to happen next. Everything changes within time and you need to know how to live every minute, every second of your life. There are some things that you need to know in order to live it fully and completely. Nothing can prepare you for your biggest journey and only within age you will become wiser and learn a lot of things in life.
1. Do not take too much seriously the things that others say
Did you buy a new car? No one cares. Did you go in another country? Also no one cares. Only the family and your relatives that truly love you and care about you, will share every moment in your life with you. Only those people that have been with you in good and bad and helped you when you most needed them are the real ones that deserve place in your life and that deserve to be counted as part of your family and life. The others are irrelevant and do not take too much seriously everything that they say or do.
2. Break the rules sometimes
The life is not just for following the rules and being “good” person all the time. The goodness is influenced by some rules in the social community and everything that some individual does that is not acceptable for the people in the community is considered as “bad”. But not all of the weird and different stuff that can be done in life are “bad”, they can be actually quite good and bring you the best memories in your life and show you a completely different perspective of the things. So, break the rules sometimes and feel the adrenaline in your veins.
3. You are perfect just the way you are

Do not change because of someone, never. You are perfect just the way you are and live the life like you want and think you should. Do not limit yourself by the requirements of someone, do what you think is the best to do and always make sure that you feel complete and happy with the things you do in life.

You are perfect

4. You will get knowledge and experience within time
The knowledge and experience will come over time and for those things when you were young and stupid, within time you will be smart and older. Do not expect to learn a lot of things while you are young, because you are still in the process of learning and you need to try as many things as possible before you actually experience something new and exciting.
5. Make sure that others respect you
Be reliable person that deserves the respect from everyone. You will learn in life that there are different types of people, thieves, liars, dangerous people that only want to hurt you and people that act like they care about you and love you, but wish you only the worst. You need to recognize the people and make sure that you will stay the same respectful person besides the things that might happen over time.
Make sure others respect you
6.Be honest and grow up like the age requires from you
Growing is the most difficult part in the life of every person. Learn how to be honest and do the things like should be done in order to live the life like you should. Within time the age and the community will require different actions of yours and you will be expected to act by your age. Remember this and prepare yourself for the future.
7. But don’t forget to be a child from time to time
It is okay to escape from time to time and have only free time for yourself where you can act the way you want. If playing video games was your favorite hobby while you were young, then spend some time playing games, or rock yourself out on your favorite song.
8. You are responsible for yourself and to everyone
You should only be responsible for yourself, but need to give some answers to the other people as well. You are responsible to answer in front of the laws and regulations of the country and do the needed legal things as citizen. This is mandatory, so do not break the law and the rules.
Be responsible
9. Learn the principles in life
Everything has principles in life, so make sure you know yours.
10. Travel as much as you can
Travelling makes memories, so make sure that you have visited as many countries as possible and seen a lot of places. Every place is different and the human population is not made to spend the life only on one place. If you have spent most of the life in one place, you cannot say that you have lived fully.

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10 things you need to know in life

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