10 New Year’s Resolutions That Can Actually Be Achieved

Going to the gym when you can

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not saying to go every single day of your life, unless you think that you’re ready for that challenge. However, just make it a point in your life to go more than you do now. For most people, that would mean going at least once a week, which is absolutely fine! As long as you are getting out and being active, then it’s better than sitting on your butt doing nothing! However, I would recommend going at least twice a week if you currently do not go, just so that your body can actually feel the difference. Many gyms have super discounted prices when you join during New Year’s. If you don’t want to go to the gym, find some friends, go on Youtube and do some at-home workouts!


Treat yourself better

We’re all a little bit hard on ourselves. Make it a point to do something good for yourself. Get a small journal and write something that you love about yourself every day. Take this time to gloat a little about yourself, your accomplishments, and what you are proud of about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-love; and with the amount of bullying and negativity in the world today, the one person that needs to love you is you. Clip pictures of magazines that you enjoy, and paste them into your journal, same goes with inspiration quotes, thoughts on your mind, etc. But make sure that everything in it is positive, and has to do with you, because you are the most important person in your life, after all!


Set a goal for each month and reach it

While this may seem like this is just coming up with your own resolution, make 12 small resolutions that you don’t have to tackle all at once. January can be something like cleaning out all of the clothes that you no longer wear or use. While this is something that will take some time to do, it can be done by using your weekend time off! However, when this goal is completed, you won’t have to worry about it anymore, which is the greatest part! It’s not like going to the gym, where you have to keep going, this is more of a one-and-done type of thing, which should be the basis of the other 11 months goals as well. Cleaning out your kitchen, reorganizing the basement, etc. These are all things that can be done again from time to time, but you may need more than one afternoon to complete.


Read a book each month

New Year’s Resolutions

The books don’t have to be long, but anything is better than nothing. If you know for a fact that you won’t be able to read one every month, then make it a revised goal to read a book every 2 months. That’s only 6 books a year, which isn’t much. However, if you don’t really read like me, then it’s better than nothing!


Try new recipes

Ones that are actually good for you! Even if it’s once a week, try to go vegetarian for a night or cut out carbs from a day or two of your diet. It will do your body good, and you can expand your palate by tasting new foods and flavors! Go on Pinterest for really easy meals that can be made with items that you already have laying around!


Find new music that you enjoy

Try to dig around and find a new or upcoming band who you enjoy. If they’re not too big, you may be able to find tickets to a show of theirs for pretty cheap! Or just go to a local place in town with live music and enjoy the talent that they bring! If you enjoy any of them, see if you can find any of their other work online. Smaller artists almost always have a Soundcloud or a Youtube channel where they show their work that you can check out for free!


Try to get a good night of sleep almost every night.

It’s amazing what a good night of sleep can do to a person. Try different methods of trying to either go to bed earlier, or to sleep better during the night. Melatonin, Mid-Nite, and other options can just be picked up from your local Walmart/Target. If you have severe sleep issues that you want to resolve, make it your resolution to go to a sleep therapist to see what you can do to help yourself.


Go somewhere new-and enjoy it!

Don’t force yourself to go to a bar or a club if that’s not your thing. Try out a new hiking trail, a local coffee shop, or a boutique that you’ve been meaning to go visit.


Save money!

Save your coins, get a packing envelope and put every $5 bill that you accumulate… don’t spend them! Do you have trash bags or big containers of clothes that you’ve been meaning to get rid of? See if there are stores in your area that will take cash back for gently worn clothing. Get cash back from selling old clothes or furniture that you’re not using from apps like Mercari and LetGo. Not only will this give you cash to save, but it will also rid you of items that you no longer use, leaving rejuvenated space in your home and give you some peace of mind.


Do that project that you’ve been meaning to do!

Whether it’s making a scrapbook out of that box of pictures in your attic, or if you’ve been wanting to learn to knit. Stop making excuses and just do it! Obviously you wanted to do it at some point, so just make it a point in your life to do a little bit at a time, or just take a weekend to get it done! You’ll feel so much better once you get it done, and you may enjoy it enough to keep doing it and make it a hobby!

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10 New Year’s Resolutions That Can Actually Be Achieved

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