10 Interesting Facts about Mars

facts about mars

Interesting Facts about Mars

We are living in such a solar system where all the eight planets are revolving around the sun. Among the eight planets, only Earth has sustained life, but researchers are going in other planets too. Mars being the closest planet of the earth is the first target for the scientist for new investigators. According to the scientists, this planet is holding a large amount of secret under its hood. It’s time to unveil them. Thus below is the list of 10 Interesting facts about Mars. Let’s look into them and enhance the knowledge pool of us about the Mars.
1. There May Be Life In Mars
Mars is known as the sister of earth, and this is the fourth planet in our solar system. This planet doesn’t have a life, but researchers are suggesting that there may be life on the earth. According to scientists, Mars is potent enough to sustain life because traces of water have been found in the soil of Mars. This ensures that, at some time, there was life on Mars but the revolution of time has changed the scenario. It has made the Mars a barren planet, where no one lives today. However, researchers are still expecting that they will someday find the life on this planet.
2. Mars Is A Barren Land At Present
In our solar system Mars is placed between Earth and Jupiter, and thus it is counted as the fourth planet in our solar system. According to scientists, this planet is holding great secret under its red colour. Though most of these secrets are yet to be uncovered but how far research has advanced, it states that this planet was almost same as the earth. It was! Not now, because with the revolution of million years, it has dried up and now there is only sand.
3. Mars Is Larger Than Earth
According to recent studies, it has been calculated that Mars are almost 15’% larger in size compared to the earth. In the case of mass, it has 10% additional volume compared to the earth. Moreover, it has also been calculated that gravity is higher in the event of earth. The gravity of Mars is only 37% in relation to the earth. This phenomenon ensures that Mars are bigger than earth, but its gravity is lesser compared to earth.
4. Only 18 Mission Is Successful
Human beings are trying to find life in the solar system throughout many years. In order to achieve this dream, many probes and satellites have been sent to the Mar. Among all of the Mars missions, only 18 have been successful.
5. Dust Storm Can Be Seen
Mars doesn’t have any plant or tree. Thus air flows freely without an obstruction. This causes huge dust storm in the Mars.
6. It Named As The God Of War From Rome
According to the Roman god Mars, this planet has been called. The redcolour of this planet makes people think it as a hostile planet.
7. It Has Lots Of Iron Under Its Crust
Mars has a lot of iron and other metal under the crust. Presence of these minerals and resources, making Mars red in colour. This is not because of reflection of sunlight but of the composition of the soil.
8. Mars Has Highest Mountain
Land of Mars is not understandable. It is highly rocky in nature. In the whole solar system, Mars have the highest mountain range which is almost 21 km tall and 600 km wide.
9. Mars Can Sustain Life
According to the recent researches, it has been found that essential elements for life can be consulted in the Mars under the several feet beneath. Thus researchers are eagerly waiting for some good news.
10. Mars will have ring one day
According to the scientists, Mars have two satellites still not, and the biggest one among them is the Phobos. This will explode within 20 million years, and it will form up a ring around the Mars within next 100 million years.
Well, these are the top most facts about the Mars that were hidden still today, but now it has come in the open world. These facts about the Mars may not help you in your daily life, but this will certainly help you to guide your child in his homework pretty easily.

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10 Interesting Facts about Mars

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