10 Essential Makeup Hacks for Every Working Woman

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The woman is one of the greatest creations of God. They always love to look beautiful with their gorgeous dresses, stunning jewellery and elegant look. But in present day scenario keeping oneself always party ready is not possible. Things become more problematic when a woman works in an office. The Daily hustle and bustle make the skin dry out and let it lose its natural shine.
After a long working day and several other tantrums, your skin may become pale and lose its natural glow. Thus here are ten essential makeup hacks for every working woman that can help you to get back your glowing skin.
1. Convert Your Eyeliner into a Gel Liner
Eyeliners are made to add some beautiful look to its user. Now in your hustle and bustle, you won͛t care to do the eyeliner properly, and thus you can make your pencil of eyeliner a gel liner using lighter. It will make the whole task of using eyeliner pretty easy.
2. Add Vaseline to Your Skin
Hurry hurry! I ‘m getting late for office. Oh god! I’ll certainly miss my train, and suddenly while rushing toward the door to make an exit from your house, you faced a mirror. Damn! I am a mess. Everyone will laugh at me in the office. Ever encountered any situation while starting a day? Certainly, you have. Add some Vaseline on your skin and spray some perfume. Let the beautiful aroma do the rest of the task for you.
3. Keep Napkins with You
Ah! Sun, please shine a bit less and let us have some relief. You might be bashing your head for getting some relief from the scorching heat of the sun but be assured he won͛t listen to you. Thus you have to arrange ways to make yourself tidy under the photon particles of the sun. Napkins can come handy in this case. If you are sweating and doesn’t want to wash your makeup off, dab a napkin on your face and you are ready to move out again.
4. Wash Face with Green Tea
 Wash Face with Green Tea
Green tea is one of the best ingredients that can make your skin glow. How!
  • Excess work during wedding leads to growth in oxidants in the skin pores.
  • This blocks the precipitation and makes the skin looks pale.
Is there any way out! Yes. Brew green tea leaves in Luke warm water and after cooling it store it inside the fridge. Use the brew to wash your face twice daily and ta-da! Your glowing skin is back on track.
5. Try Mint Toothpaste for Black And White Heads
Facing issues regarding black or white heads before your marriage ceremony! Don’t panic rather use mind dub toothpaste daily. It will certainly help you to get rid of from this unnecessary skin tantrum.
6. Use Coffee Facial Thrice In a Week
Coffee is another antioxidant agent that can make your skin glows and nourish it properly.
  • Mix a tablespoon of cocoa powder with Luke warm milk or card
  • Make paste and apply it once in every two days
Gosh! Don’t look in the mirror you are really shining.
7. Eat Foods That Are Skin-Friendly
Try to eat fruits and vegetable like lemon, spinach, and cabbage which are rich in vitamin-E and vitamin-C. In addition to this, you can take over the counter supplements for these vitamins for your glowing skin.
8. Have Proper Sleep
‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise’. How true is this! This true old saying is entirely right. Maintain a daily routine. Sleep early, wake up early, and your skin will start to glow naturally.
9. Use Spoon For Mascara
Wearing mascara while you are on hurry is really a hard task. But you can make it easy using the spoon. Place it on your eye for and roll the stick on your eyelids. You are done.
10. Dab Powder On Your Lips
If you want to let your lipstick last long, then put a tissue paper on your lips and dab some powder on it. Now your lips won’t look pale without lipstick.
So, try these ten essential makeup hacks for every working woman and let yourself become a fashion diva of your office.

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10 Essential Makeup Hacks for Every Working Woman

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